Website Design

I’ve been designing websites since 1997 and technology changes daily. Today’s “best way” is tomorrow’s “old way.” For many years I used the standard design software, Dreamweaver, then I migrated to WordPress. And now, I have developed skills in using Weebly and Wix. I just created an entire Wix website and absolutely loved it! But at this time, I would only recommend it for small sites with a few pages. I recently was thinking about migrating this site to Wix, but decided it’s just too big for Wix to accommodate, and it would be a pain to switch over. But if you are a small startup business, WIX is great! 🙂

The tide has now shifted on the devices used to view websites. With smartphones taking over how we browse the internet, it is important to have all websites optimized and adaptive/responsive to the smartphone screen.

Here are my website samples: