Website Design

WordPress has been my main method for the last decade, but since Wix and Weebly arrived, I highly recommend them if you have a small site with only a few pages. It’s a dream and anyone can update it as easily as they would a Word document! I’m in love. I would use it myself, but I have too many pages and blogs, and images and archives.

I’ve done a lot of WordPress sites, but since I don’t maintain them, they’ve turned into a bit of a mess. 😉 Here is one I created this year that I also maintain: Here is one I did a year or two ago: http://speakingofpain.netThen there’s my site, but I really procrastinate in maintaining it. Haaaa Oh, well.

I also design and maintain The Beehive Haiti, but it’s due for an overhaul. Maybe this summer. 🙂 

My first Wix site is here:

Newest Wix site: