Tired of Godaddy

I used to sing Godaddy’s praises and didn’t work with anyone who didn’t use GoDaddy. It was too risky. Their tech support used to be amazing. English speaking guys. They cared about what was happening with my account and called to check on things. They fixed any issues immediately.

Turn to 2019. Want to chat with a professional? You get a non-English speaking muslim who asks you questions like they never heard/read what you already previously stated. They don’t understand the question, and it’s a long climb to the top of the hill.

Godaddy services continuously downgrade. They used to handle everything in house, but now it is farmed out to 3rd parties you have to pay for. The honeymoon days are over. They are currently migrating their Website Builder application to a new one called GoCentral. You have no choice, and a client who has to switch over to GoCentral also has to pay someone like me to basically rebuild their site. It can no longer remotely look like the old one because you have to use a pre-defined template.

Today I’ve been learning the new system, and you have very few options of how to display your content. The text editor is pathetic. Take a look at this screenshot of a website I am rebuilding for an organizing client.

The text is centered, which looks terrible. Especially on a phone. The eye has a hard time finding the beginning of the next line. Really?!!! And then the bullets underneath of the centered text..uggh! And look at the photos. They won’t display the same size, although they are the exact same size. I have no choice on any of this, unless maybe I write my own code, but that’s a pain and not something that my client will understand how to edit in the future.

I’m sure a web developer could add a lot more to this post, but these have been my recent issues.

Why, GoDaddy? Why have you done this to me?