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Rhubarb the Rabbit is LATE TO DINNER

Rhubarb the rabbit forgot to eat breakfast, but he makes up for it! It’s a day-long feast with friends! In Rhubarb the Rabbit is Late to Dinner, children of all ages will love the suburban backyard fun of Rhubarb and his special friends. This endearing, delightful story is told through actual photography of the hilarious antics of Rhubarb and his squirrel, bird, chipmunk, and dog friends as they eat, play, and comment their way through the day.

Photographed by Aunt Michelle, a wildlife lover and graphic designer, the story of Rhubarb is silly good fun… and educational, too! Kids will enjoy learning about the wildlife found right in their own backyards. Through the loveable Rhubarb they’ll learn about the importance of friends and family, and what happens when we overeat!

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