Please note most of these are screenshots from messages.

Contest win and subsequent work

Office Angels Project Success and Completion Responses

Long-time client

Contest holder and new client


July 2016 Brochure and worksheet clients



First draft of postcard for Haiti relief effort


Client through Office Angels — Website updates

Clearly Clean & Organized


From client on


Jeff Burks on website banner design

Funeral program design
diana client feedback

Two client messages

freelancer feedback Reviews

eBay store banner: “Once again Michelle has provided me with an excellent outcome, professional, quick and has the ability to recognise exactly what I need. Extremely happy will definitely hire again.

Church postcard: “I was very pleased with the designer in all areas of the project. Her communication was excellent. Any changes I requested were made the same day. I will definitely hire her for future projects.

Book cover design: “Great work! Will be working with again!


Real Estate Flyers

“You have done a great job on these!!  Very professional and gives us a color palate for anything else we do.” Craig White, Toppers Real Estate Holdings

Logo Design Feedback

Feedback from Real Estate Agent Jeff Presley of Keller Williams


“Thank you Michelle – the colors and fonts are perfect!  I am excited to have this as my new company logo and appreciate all the support you have provided!! ~Erica Kaminsky Schaal, EKS Growth & Performance Coaching

“Wow!  I really love it …and honestly think we’re there.  You have really made my vision come to life and I deeply appreciate your work!” ~Todd Sentell, Author

“I think we have a masterpiece!” ~J. Dale

“I like your new ideas. You are a gifted lady!” ~Anthony Totta, FreshXperts

Office Angel Client Feedback

“X sent in her payment, along with this note: ‘Michelle is wonderful to work with!’ Thanks Angel!” ~Esther R. Escobedo, Chief Executive Angel,

“You are a genius!” ~Essie Escobedo

Regarding OA website: “absolutely awesome. one of the best I’ve ever seen!!!! easy to find what you need, easy to navigate. the press is going to love it!” ~OA Client

Emails from Vitality Works, Inc. Regarding Label Designs

“Excellent, Michelle.  …once again, thanks for not only quick, but high quality work.”

“Wow!  You’re something else, Michelle. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.”

“Wow! You ARE awesome, Michelle.  So do you have enough briefing to proceed with some label designs?”

“Whenever you’re ready to send me your billing do so please. Michelle’s design were a delight.”

“To me, Michelle, these look BEAUTIFUL! A job well done.”

“Kudos to you!! Just letting you know I emailed your boss letting you know how great you are.” Chanel Reed, Customer Service & Inside Sales Manager


“Holy Cow Michelle!!!…..And you said all you did was straight up design! You totally listen to the story I was trying to tell and sent over a draft that reflects that story!!!!!  This is so much better then I imagined!  Let’s chat tomorrow about a little fine tuning!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Joan Ryan, iPEC Coaching

“Outstanding job by you as usual!” ~Ron Pelger, RonProCon

“My ads are among the best thanks to you!” ~Jeff Burke, Shooters Point

“This looks so good! I’m so glad you were available for the job. You are helping X a lot and he is thrilled with your work. (DUH, I told him you were awesome.)” Woodman Insulation

Regarding tradeshow display design: “I love your thinking. It looks really good.” ~B. Reid

Regarding business card design: “Thanks so much, Michelle. This is PERFECT!! You are the best.” ~Rusty Williams

Regarding box design: “The cartons will be beautiful…I will definitely call on you to help me for future and new opportunities!!!!!” ~X, Produce Sales, Weyerhaeuser

“What other type of work do you do? (I am impressed with your turnaround and understanding of what needs to be done.” ~A.K., IDA