Logo Design

IMPORTANT: My portfolio is not nearly as important as a client’s testimony. No logo looks like anyone else’s. I am the vehicle to a final product and the client does the steering! 🙂


Car Dealership in Wisconsin

Contest Win October 2017 (They wanted a geeky logo.)

Contest Win 2017

Deep Sea Diving Company

Digital marketing company

The name is based on two famous French lovers. I didn’t win this logo contest, but was a top contender!



Lake real estate husband wife team



string_quartet kidbooks2  windycity-01  kidswim-01

real estate logo

Jan 2016 win

This is not exactly a logo. It’s for a blog by a doctor/sports trainer, but they called it a logo.


Bookstore Contest Win



american-dog-lover  freightair  lazy-logo

kaline-FB-profile-logo  summerville windycity-01

Travel logo  Travel logo 2 kidswim-01

Canadian logo church logo

habilie_logo   HABiLE10

eks-logo   flat-logo2015

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