Gifts & Promotional Products

T-shirts & Clothing, Baby Accessories, Drinkware, Wall Art, Home Cases & Covers, Hobbies, Stationery–you name it, I’ve designed it! Back around 2008 I uploaded tons of designs to CafePress and Zazzle. Although I haven’t really uploaded in years, I continue to earn royalties every year.

Client Requested Designs



This is a postcard-sized magnet for a church promo

magnet design

CafePress Designs

A HUGE seller is my Dorm Room Throw Pillow.

Call Your Mom Dorm Room Throw Pillow

At one point, I had an entire line of products dedicated to the TV show Big Bang Theory. The producer of the show purchased 8 mugs that I believe were used for the cast in their writing room. One day I’ll dig up the designs. 😉

One of my biggest sellers is my Godfather Baby line.




6phases-mpad steinmug