Logo Contests

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Logo contests on Freelancer.com are brutal. I compete with designers around the world, and I’ve seen some contests with as many as 1,200 entries. The contests are difficult on many levels–like not being able to communicate with the contest holder to get a real feel for what they want, and you have to think FAST and risk the contest holder picking an entry and closing the contest early. They often can’t handle so many options, and they often stick to some of the first entries. I think maybe I keep jumping into the bull pen because I often get close to winning. I also get to hone my skills. With that said…here are my fails. Ouch! They are available for tweaking if you’d like one!

This British sports movement/training/scientific company wanted the feel of ancient Greek mythical characters, Greece/Olympics, science, physiology, shades of blue, 2D/3D, etc. I did exactly as requested with this statue of Olympian Zeus Poseidon. They went with something totally different than what they originally requested. :-p


I could get no feedback from this contest holder. Not even a “thank you for your hard work.” The winning entry for Meals for Guys was great, though–and one of the first ones, which is a big foot up.


Talk about being hard not to follow the cliches! I loved these. The contest holder wanted them very simple. Try and think of something that hasn’t been done-to-death! Apparently, I didn’t. HA

Travel logo Travel logo 2

Hey, I said, let’s try doing a 5 minute logo and if the judge has bad taste (as they often do), I might win! It was worth a try. LOL

Fashion logo

This is a logo I designed for a Canadian company. They are engineers/arborists. I didn’t win, but I spent about 15 minutes on it. HA

Canadian logo

This logo was designed for a rolled/scraped ice cream from the Philippines (?) I’d never seen before.Rolled Ice Cream Logo

Before I figured out what kind of ice cream this was.


Logo designed for fundraising campaign where they wanted to emphasize their church building (domed/arched) and the generations of families that went there. I didn’t win the contest, but this logo would be great for someone else!

church logoI took quite a few stabs at this logo for a castle and possible future win label. The stakes were high. Bummer!