Contest Tips

Actually, I don’t have a lot of tips. I’m still learning, but I have won 3 of them this past month.

Here’s why I enter: I don’t win quotes. There’s always a college graduate or Asian Indian who will work for very little or nothing, so I have to win a contest to earn money and generate new business. So far, I have obtained new clients through all 3 wins that continue to provide me some work.

Point 1

Here’s what I’ve learned about contests: The contest holders often stick to the first designs submitted. They see it and get stuck on it. I’ve spent a 100 hours for nothing because the contest holder had a mental block. I’ve also won that way. ūüėČ

I decided at one point that I would enter contests that would end soon because I can only sit on pins and needles waiting for the result for so long before going crazy. Well…that’s the way it has to be. So, you get your entry in fast, sit on pins and needles, or your time and energy will most likely be a total waste.

Point 2

Sometimes I feel there are cultural issues/preconceptions about women joining a contest. Most contestants are young males. I’ve decided to stick to contests created by U.S. citizens.¬†Yeah, I said it.

Point 3

You have to¬†learn not to take it personally. I’m afraid I don’t do this too well. I’m thin skinned. The honest truth is many contestant holders are cheap scoundrels and not very nice. They get lots of work for nothing…but this is also ingenius. They¬†don’t pay much and get to choose among sometimes up to 400 entries or more. No exaggeration. You’re competing with the entire world!

Also, the people making the decisions often don’t know design or they would be doing it themselves! Sometimes, I think about entering a half baked entry¬†in hopes that I’m one of the persons they choose because they have no taste in design. HAAA

Point 4

Just because you don’t win, doesn’t mean it was a total waste. You can still display your awesome design and nobody needs to know it wasn’t the winning one.

Joining contests helps keep you on your game. You learn a lot and are better in tune with current design trends…but please don’t join. I don’t need any more competition. LOL!

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