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Logo Contests

Logo page here Logo contests on Freelancer.com are brutal. I compete with designers around the world, and I’ve seen some contests with as many as 1,200 entries. The contests are difficult on many levels–like not being able to communicate with the contest holder to get a real feel for what they want, and you have …

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Ice Cream Logo

I couldn’t resist entering a contest for this fun logo. Turns out Romanians don’t like my design style, but I love them! 😉 So, these are available for customization if you’d like one!

Flyers for Real Estate Company

Series of flyers for Toppers Real Estate in Independence, MO. I created the design, as well as gathered the text from their website which required quite a bit of editing and organizing. The photos were cropped and enhanced. Client said “You have done a great job on these!!  Very professional and gives us a color palate …

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EKS Logo

Before I started, I knew this would be one of the hardest logos I’ve ever done, and breathed a big sigh of relief when it was over and my client was happy. Coaching is hard to capture in an icon if you don’t want to use the same metaphors that everyone else uses…over and over …

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