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My favorite quote

“Good artists copy, great artists steal” โ€“ Piablo Picasso

On a side note, there has been much confusion as to the role of a graphic designer, which is different than a graphic artist. The artist creates the artistic elements designers use in their compositions. I am inspired by the work of others and rely on it. Thank God for the artists!

Some great quotes


I designed this poster, and a similar one, for a nursing home facility. They also had an old logo they didn’t have the original files for, so I recreated it, along with a slight update.

Label Design

Label Design contest samples. Don’t know what happened to the contest–it just kind of disappeared. Disappointing, but hopefully my work will not be in vain! ๐Ÿ™‚

Logo contests

Logo win Aug. 2017

It’s hard to compete with great designers all over the world. REALLY hard. And you have to do one really fast with often no input. Here are a few designs that didn’t make the cut, but deserve credit none the less! Yeah, I’m partial. HA

Special Needs Kids Swim Program

Chicago stocks and bonds…


Doodles for a company who I think designs rooms. Don’t remember so well as you have to design real fast and move on.vanelizadoodles-01

Logo portfolio:ย michellefontaine.com/portfolio-2/marketing-collateral/logo-design/

Real Estate Logo

I really enjoyed working with Real Estate agent Jeff Presley of Keller Williams, and we hope to do more together in the future!

With this logo, I tried to stay away from the standard house clipart, which is REALLY hard. I created a more sprawling house to more accurately represent the types of houses and clients he works with. I wanted to make it more inviting and friendly, which I think I achieved with the addition of the tree and bush. Instead of architecture, it became about lifestyle. We were obligated to use the specific colors of Keller Williams.

Jeff Presley logo

Feedback from Jeff