Fun with WIX

A couple of weeks ago, I moved and copied a client’s website over to WIX and am most pleased with their system. Tasks that took quite a while and were painstaking in the past were unbelievably easy and quick to achieve. I am seriously considering switching my website and account from the service provider I have used for 20 years.


My favorite quote

“Good artists copy, great artists steal” – Piablo Picasso

On a side note, there has been much confusion as to the role of a graphic designer, which is different than a graphic artist. The artist creates the artistic elements designers use in their compositions. I am inspired by the work of others and rely on it. Thank God for the artists!

Some great quotes

Interior Designer Branding Graphic Design

This was for a design competition. I don’t remember if it was a flyer or web banner, or what. I think my concept is awesome, but have been reluctant to post since this contest holder was so ungrateful. I don’t mind losing–you cannot win unless you try. Whether you win or lose, you learn and you perfect your skills, and get to add to your portfolio, BUT the hard part is when a contest holder gives no response or appreciation. Questions go unanswered. I love to work with contest holders who are responsive to how much time you are investing in their success and work with you to achieve it. Karma, Kushner!

Fake News and Bad Graphic Design

I’ve had beef with this for awhile, so I’m just leaving it here for posterity! It’s a screenshot from my news app. NO ONE took issue with this!


Newsletter Design

This is the latest banner I designed for a Mailchimp newsletter. This design matches the look of her website.

I can help you with the design of Mailchimp and Constant Contact newsletters.