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Interior Designer Branding Graphic Design

This was for a design competition. I don’t remember if it was a flyer or web banner, or what. I think my concept is awesome, but have been reluctant to post since this contest holder was so ungrateful. I don’t mind losing–you cannot win unless you try. Whether you win or lose, you learn and you perfect your skills, and get to add to your portfolio, BUT the hard part is when a contest holder gives no response or appreciation. Questions go unanswered. I love to work with contest holders who are responsive to how much time you are investing in their success and work with you to achieve it. Karma, Kushner!

Graphic Design and Industry Experience

In the past I’ve listed all of my industry experience—and there is a lot. Some industries/products many have never even heard before. (I must add, a unique industry is really fun because it’s interesting and you’re not at risk of duplicating anyone else.) But does industry experience matter when it comes to graphic design? I’m inclined to say “not really.” First, I’m not going to duplicate anything I’ve done before in an industry. Second, graphics get out-of-date, so I always start afresh.

It MAY matter to know whether some kind of style is done-to-death. For many years I worked with the Fresh Produce Industry. There is nothing new under the sun with graphic design. Literally. Most logos feature the sun over a green agricultural field. I know what’s out there. Chances are whatever I come up with for graphic design has already been done, but before I start a project, I research the current graphic design trends within that industry.

Don’t worry, I’ve got it covered!